Why Should You Get Your Home Staged?

The purpose of staging is to allow potential buyers to better picture themselves living in a prospective home. The goal is to accentuate the house, the space and the layout for the real estate market. We want to help you get the highest dollar value for your property with the least amount of time on the market.

Walk Through


Tour your home, inside and out, complete with a thorough discussion.
Point out areas to accentuate to make your house the most appealing to potential buyers.
Clients are encouraged to take notes of these suggestions as this is a perfect way to kick start a great DIY home staging project.
Suggestions will involve the following:

Household improvements
Furniture rearrangement, addition, and removal
Colour schemes
Curb appeal

Walk Through Report


A detailed recommendation report completed within 24-48 hours after a thorough walk-through assessment.
Room by room recommendations complete with suggested colours, rearrangements and layout.
Overall design plan to highlight the selling features of your home.
Suggestions to declutter, organize, and repair to establish a good baseline to start the process.
Photos and measurements will be used in the report.



Your house is just one of many potential viewings for prospective home buyers. You want it to be the one that stands out and makes a lasting impression.

A detailed quotation will be completed within 24-48 hours, after a thorough walk through assessment.


It is not easy to see the full potential of an empty space. No matter how nice your space may be, when there is no depth and no emotion, it will likely not leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

After a consultation is completed and any agreed upgrades are finished, we can execute the full staging process for you.
We will supply furniture as well as accent pieces. We deliver, set-up, stage and pack it all back up to ship out when it’s time to go.
Included in this package is a complimentary pre open-house or pre MLS photo day walk-through to make sure the stage is set. First impressions are the longest lasting. Let’s make sure everything is ready to go.


Take the ‘home’ out of your house. It is difficult to look past another family’s life and replace it with your own. The more personalized a house is, the less a potential buyer can see themselves there. Included in the package for occupied houses:

After the consultation/walk through is complete, we will discuss possible decluttering, downsizing, repairs and upgrades.
We will use your own furniture and accent pieces to maximize the space, the layout and the selling features.
Extra furniture, accents, and supplies will be used if needed and available for rental if required.

New Start


The home refresh service consists of an in-home consultation and discussion with you, the home owner to zone in on your personal likes and dislikes.
In contrast to real estate staging, which focuses on showcasing your house for other people, a home refresh is about loving the space you’re in. We want to help make that happen.
We will provide you with a detailed report outlining key areas and features that will improve your home, but with day to day living in mind as opposed to the resale focus.

Near or Far


No matter where you live, we can accommodate your home staging needs with a detailed report to guide you through the staging process.

We offer a full home staging DIY report of the do’s and don’ts, the items potential buyers will be looking for in your home, as well as a detailed room by room guide of appropriate changes, additions and/or removals.
With the use of some photos of your home, we will include pictures of design plans, ideas, and a comparison alongside your current set-up.
This report will include a show ready check list to help you be prepared for real estate photo day as well as real estate viewings.