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Laundry Room Rescue – Trim Design

What do you do when you have little time, a low budget and a room with great potential?

We ran into this predicament when we were recently staging and renovating a house for resale. The sellers were getting very close to their planned list date and reno budget. Things were going well upstairs but there was one room that kept getting put on the back burner; The Laundry Room.

The room was quite spacious; however, it had piping running through the area and it was dated with panel board, old wallpaper, and a suspended-tile ceiling with half of the tiles torn out. This laundry room was in serious need of TLC. Knowing the owners were already at the top of their budget, we went with the following rescue:

  • Ceiling: we removed the rest of the suspended tiles and installed a drywall ceiling. This gives a more modern look and feels warmer than a tile-style ceiling, which is important for a laundry room.
  • Walls: we removed all the panel board, only to find layers of old faded wallpaper that was impossible to remove without ruining the drywall. Going to the owners with a plan to tear off all the drywall and put new walls up was not really an option for them financially due to budget constraints. Instead, we went with a white wainscoting halfway up the wall, topped with a thick border, and used a paintable wallpaper for the upper half of the wall. We went with a soft lavender paint to give a soft clean feel to the room.
  • Exposed piping: it wasn’t as easy to just remove the piping. This was something we had to work around. We came up with a plan to build a false half wall behind the washer and dryer that would, not only hide most of the piping, but also give a nice spacious shelf area right above.

The low-budget solution was a success and added a spacious, modern, warm laundry room that ended up being an added selling feature of the house.


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